Kid Ink Sets Up New Video With Wale And Meek Mill

Kid Ink is readying the visuals for his hit song “Bad A**,” which features Wale and Meek Mill. While the tune calls up images of strippers and bottle poppin’, Ink recently explained why his new take on the record is burning hot. “The ‘Bad A**’ video is gonna be my biggest budget video ever being the major label and debut single,” he told

“I want to keep it in the direction of the song. The hook is a stripclub-oriented record where you wanna see females dance. A deeper punch line from the record is in the hook, ‘Drop it down like it’s a fire.’  Like how the fireman goes down the pole, just the whole fire aspect–fire station, trucks–keep it in that direction.”

Ink is no stranger to flipping video concepts. The video for his breakout song “Time of My Life” re-imagined a record about hard partying and spun it into a clip about hanging with one special girl. “The video game is weird sometimes,” he said of his “Time of Your Life” video. “Because the record, when you listen to it, the first thing you think about is time of your life in the club at the table with bottles. We could have easily done that with the video”

Instead, Ink and his team took the video and added another dimension. “I try to open everything I write and not sell it in one direction and let the fans come up with different ideas and let it hit them a certain way,” he continued. “Different time in the year the song may hit you a certain way.”

While the video for Bad A** is set to drop sometime next week, you can listen to the song here

–Erik Parker,

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