SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Authorities were called to a local primary school after a second-grade student brought a hand grenade to his class for show and tell.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, a bomb squad had to investigate the matter at Bay Elementary School. The grenade was found to be inactive, the paper learned from Walton County Sheriff’s Office representative Wendy Ammons.

The student, who was not named, had reportedly attended a gun show with his parents the weekend prior to the Monday morning incident. His parents had ordered him not to bring the grenade into class, the paper additionally learned.

Once the teacher saw the grenade, principal Dianne Hicks was called in on the matter. She then called in a resource officer who stored the weapon in a dumpster located over 50 feet from the school for safe-keeping while other school officials halted outdoor activities.

“We do have to take all precautions and do [the investigation] right by the book,” Walton County superintendent Carlene Anderson was quoted as saying. “The grenade had a huge hole in the bottom of it. The school resource officer examined it and thought it was best we brought in experts.”

The school was not, however, evacuated, according to the Daily News.

The bomb squad subsequently confiscated the grenade, and school activities resumed soon after the matter was resolved. Though it affected Bay Elementary Monday morning, the incident will reportedly not lead to significant rule changes.

“We had a student who went against his parents’ wishes. It’s a one-time thing,” Anderson said to the Daily News. “You don’t want to take a bucket of water to blow out a match. We’re not going to overreact.”


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