ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A local couple refusing to drink coffee because of its adverse effects on one’s health found an alternate way to enjoy the morning staple – coffee enemas.

Health Aim reports that the St. Petersburg residents have indulged in at least 100 coffee enemas per month. Since starting on the enema regimen 24 months ago, they have reportedly partaken in 6,000 enemas in all.

Mike and Trina – who declined to give their last names to media outlets – now say they are addicted to the practice. They even allegedly have preferences, with Trina – who instigated the use of coffee enemas in their household – opting for thicker, warmer blends and Mike preferring a colder espresso.

According to Trina, the enemas leave the couple with feelings of euphoria. It’s a high that the duo pursues at least four times per day. Once, Trina reportedly did 10 enemas in a 24-hour period, Health Aim learned.

The process involved filling a 32-ounce bucket with the user’s coffee of choice and flushing the liquid into the intestines using a tube coated in Vaseline. Music or television is reportedly involved at times, the website reported.

According to the LiveStrong official website, coffee enemas carry other risks in addiction to caffeine addiction, such as internal burning, decreased bowel function and electrolyte imbalances.

But regardless of the risks, neither Mike nor Trina can keep themselves from continuing with the enemas, claiming to even be “unable to function” while their story was chronicled for TLC’s hit show “My Strange Addiction.”

“I twice tried to stop and felt worse, so I do this every day and as much as I can,” Trina was quoted as saying in an interview with ABC News. “I love the way it makes me feel.”


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