Police: Pizza Restaurant Owner Beats Up Employee After Firing Him

DELTONA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – The Volusia County Sheriff’s Department says pizza restaurant owner beat up an employee and broke bones in his face after the owner fired him.

Police arrested 36-year-old Vincenzo Scorpio at Scorpio’s Pizza following the incident.

Police say that Patrick Juliano was arguing with Scorpio over his paycheck prior to Scorpio letting Juliana go.

“He pushes me, and then he punches me in the face,” Scorpio told WESH-TV. “That’s when I retaliated.”

According to the station, Juliano asked to be paid before he left the restaurant. That is when police say Scorpio punched him.

“The severity of his injuries has nothing to do with it. If you’re going to keep hitting me, I’m not going to sit there and let you keep hitting me,” Scorpio told WESH-TV.

Scorpio told the station that he believes the charges will be dropped.

“At no time is fighting the answer, but if someone is hitting you, do your best to subdue, to get away and call the police,” Scorpio added to WESH. “Even if you go to jail over it, at least you know you did the right thing.”

Scorpio has been charged with aggravated battery and is currently not in custody.


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