Hunter Hayes Promises To Live Tweet The GRAMMYs

“I’ll probably Tweet about who I’m most excited to meet once I meet them and take a picture,” Hayes said. “I gotta have my moment. I have to freak out. I gotta see somebody and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m a huge fan!,’ and then I’ll admit to it on Twitter.”

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards will be the first for Hunter Hayes. Even though he is just a few years into the business, Hayes has become one of country’s biggest names, proven by his three GRAMMY nominations; Best New Artist, Best Country Solo Performance for “Wanted” and Best Country Album.

Hayes has had two months to absorb the news of his GRAMMY nominations. For some it can be overwhelming, but the notion of winning on music’s biggest nights has yet to phase him.

“I have not wrapped my head around it yet,” Hayes told Fresh 102.7/New York. “It’s hard to explain to somebody how slow my brain processes things like that.”

Despite the delayed brain process, Hayes still recognizes the importance of the GRAMMY Awards and the significance of his three nominations.

“It’s something that I’ve dreamed about and joked about because it seems so lofty of a dream, it seems so far out,” Hayes explained. “And it’s not that far out, it’s pretty real.”

The GRAMMY Awards will feature performances from Taylor Swift, the Black Keys, fun., the Lumineers, Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, Hayes’s touring partner Carrie Underwood and many others. With so many performances to look forward to, it’s the pairings the came together only on GRAMMY night that excites Hayes.

“I always love the collaborations at the GRAMMYs,” he said. “And I know this year they’re going to have quite a few pretty special combinations.”

Amongst those are the trio of Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Sting, plus a tribute to the late Levon Helm by Mumford & Sons, Elton John, Zac Brown and T Bone Burnett.

In regards to meeting numerous music heavyweights on GRAMMY night, Hayes is playing it cool at the moment. There’s no one in particular on his mind that he hopes to bump into, but he does know that when it happens, everyone will know on Twitter.

Watch the GRAMMYs on February 10 on CBS.

-E.J. Judge, Fresh 102.7/New York


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