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(AUDIO) Kirk & Dinger Show Special Guest, Greg Cosell

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Do you know who one of the smartest guys in football is? Is he an offensive lineman? (They score high on the Wunderlick.) Is he a quarterback? Nope. He’s Greg Cosell, executive producer at NFL Films. He breaks down game film like Joe Flacco picked apart the Niners defense in the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, who would’ve thought that it would’ve been such a close game. Well, Greg Cosell did. He predicted a close game and a Ravens win. We talk with him on the Kirk & Dinger Show about the big game, Bucs’ hopes for next year, and what Greg does now that football season is over.

He’s the executive producer of NFL Matchup, Senior Producer at NFL Films for 33 years, and Co-author of The Games That Changed The Game. You can follow him on Twitter @GregCosell

Greg Cosell 2-6-13

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