KENDALL, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A local man is facing murder charges after he reportedly killed his wife for refusing to cook him a hamburger.

The man, 78-year-old Bartolo Gelsomino, stabbed her to death when she wouldn’t make the requested dinner, the Miami Herald is reporting. He then tried to cover up the crime by staging a burglary, the paper additionally learned.

The couple’s daughter discovered the body of 71-year-old Ana Gelsomino on the night of Jan. 21, and told police that her mother had been fine earlier that day, a warrant police provided to the Herald stated.

Though initially staged to look like a robbery gone wrong, authorities quickly began to consider another alternative when their son admitted that Gelsomino had been violent with his wife and children in the past.

Though he initially denied involvement, speaking to Miami-Dade homicide detectives with the help of an Italian-speaking police sergeant from Aventura, blood evidence further implicated Gelsomino. According to the Herald, he eventually confessed.

Gelsomino explained that he had stabbed his wife when an argument over the hamburger escalated. He subsequently showed cops where he had hidden the knife and other pieces of evidence, an arrest report obtained by the paper stated.

The senior citizen is now facing second-degree murder charges and will reportedly be arraigned Feb 11. For now, he is being held at the Miami-Dade County Jail.


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