Orlando, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) — Armed carjackers ordered an Orlando man from his 2002 Millennium Yellow Z06 Corvette on Sunday, but gave up on the steal because they could not drive a stick shift.

The owner and driver, Randolph Bean, 51, said the would-be-thieves ran away after holding him at gunpoint because they were baffled by the high-powered vehicle’s stick shift. Bean was waiting for his wife to get out of work at the Orlando Regional Medical Center when the two came up behind him.

“With the gun drawn and pointing at me,” Bean told WKMG-TV. “The guy finally yanked the door open and kind of half dragged me out, and demanded that I get on the ground.”

While held at gunpoint, Bean said the second suspect jumped into the driver’s seat to attempt a getaway. But the thief couldn’t figure out how to start the high-performance vehicle.

“The guy started screaming at me, ‘How do I start the car?,'” Bean told WKMG-TV. “It’s got a standard transmission, so you have to push in the clutch when you start it. I told the guy that.”

And the would-be-thief only became more enraged at his inability to start the Corvette.

“Four times the guy screamed at me, cussed at me about ‘How do I start the car?’ and finally, the other fella goes ‘It’s a stick!’” Bean explained to the station.

Finally realizing their failure to commandeer the Corvette, the men took Bean’s wallet, keys and phone and fled the scene. But now Bean is worried they may try to locate and come to his home given all the information they stole from his vehicle.

“Well, if they can’t drive a stick, they might have a buddy that can,” said Bean.

Bean told WOFL-TV that he thanked the men for “not taking [my] life for something as silly as a car,” and urged the “handsome young men” to turn their lives around.


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