ST. CLOUD, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – St. Cloud police arrested a man after he barged into a local elementary school cafeteria on Tuesday.

Authorities said Glenn Jack Bay, 40, walked into Lakeview Elementary School and asked an employee to call 9-1-1 before running off.

According to WFTV, staff members hurried children away from the area after Bay rushed in.

“They had everyone out within 20 seconds,” Apryl Jackson of the Osceola Teachers Association told the station. “The children were trained, they’ve done the drills, they knew what to do.”

Police told WFTV that Bay was on drugs and was behaving erratically.

According to the school district, Bay was on the school’s campus for under a minute, but they did not consider the incident to be a breach of security as he did not break into the school.

The school’s explanation did not sit well with some parents.

“I think it is a breach of security,” one parent told the station. “It’s the safety of the kids. You never know what can happen.”

Police say Kayla Gross, 13, was sitting in her parents’ SUV waiting for her mother when Bay came to the driver side door.

“He’s like, ‘Get in the driver’s side! Drive! They’re coming to shoot me! They’re coming to get me!’” Kayla told the station.

Police said that is when Gross got out of the car and Bay drove himself to St. Cloud Hospital.

Bay is currently in police custody on four charge,s including grand theft auto and trespassing on school grounds. His bond is set at $6,000.


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