The “O.J. Simpson Murder Trial” was reality TV before reality TV existed. The main character of the trial was a bona fide national star. And the supporting cast―Krazy Kato Kaelin, Center-Stage Sister Denise Brown, and Nicole’s party-pal/frenemy Faye Resnick―would rival any network-created reality TV series cast of today.

Eighteen years later, and the question “Whodunit?” is back in the news. Death row inmate Glen Rogers told his brother he did it.  (Glen Rogers was convicted for killing  a woman in a Tampa motel room.) You can read more and find out about his ties to O.J. and Nicole and what a sicko, serial-killer this guy is. “My Brother the Serial Killer” will air Wednesday at 9 P.M. on Investigation Discovery.

I’ve mentioned to my friends on more than one occasion that O.J. Simpson did not kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Most look at me like I’m crazy. They point out, “It happened almost two decades ago and everyone knows O.J. did it even though he was proven innocent. Who cares?”

Some might assume I watched Naked Gun one too many times as a child and want O.J. to forever be a friendly, giant-noggin’d man in a wheel-chair bouncing down the stairs at a baseball game, and that I simply don’t want to think of this man as a murderer. But that’s not the reason for my belief that O.J. is not guilty of committing those heinous crimes on Bundy.

About six months ago, I read Bill Dear’s book and watched this video. (Oh, I wrote a book, too―not about O.J.) I learned quite a bit more than I’d previously known about the case. And that’s the nature of any historical event. More information comes out years later.

A few of the questions that stick out in my mind: Who would kill the mother of their children knowing the children were in the house and could possibly discover their dead mother? Whoever killed Ron Goldman got his butt kicked by Ron Goldman so how is it possible that O.J. had nary a knick on his body (except for that single cut on his hand)? And O.J. is as scared of blood as the Jacksonville Jaguars are of winning games.

The L.A.P.D made a Pig-Pen mess of the whole thing. And according to Bill Dear, they never even bothered to interview or look for a single suspect other than Orenthal James.

You can pick a random person on the street and ask them what they know about the case and “did O.J. do it?” All they’ll be able to recall is Johnny Cochran’s infamous glove rhyme and the fact that Marcia Clark got a make-over in the midst of the trial of the century. But they’ll be convinced of O.J.’s guilt in the same way they’re convinced the alphabet starts with “A.” Many are content to follow public opinion and cultural groupthink without knowing much more than what they’ve read in a headline or gathered from office chatter.

Now before you think I need to be Baker Acted for my opinion, let me tell you, I’m not convinced that O.J. wasn’t at the scene of the crime (Bruno Magli shoe print… pretty damning evidence). I do believe he’s probably guilty of something (in addition to the Vegas robbery).

It will be interesting to watch the documentary and also interesting to see if anyone cares. Oh, you know who really couldn’t care less? Californians. They roll their eyes if you ask about it. (At least that cab driver in Beverly Hills did when I asked him to take me to Mezzaluna [now a coffee shop], Bundy Drive and Rockingham last time I was working in L.A. He thought I was a total weirdo.) I guess I can’t blame them. It’s a heinous event and it’s in their rearview mirror… And “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami” is on TV.

But I’m still waiting for the season finale to this real-life drama.


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