Mr. Know-It-All



By Rich Herrera




Since we now have this fancy web site to go with our fancy new FM radio station, I have decided to become a dual threat once again, by offering this bit of prose to bring up to the exacting standards that I demand.


Seriously I have written a weekly sports column for the San Francisco Examiner in the past so I thought it would be fun to do one again here on  Back then I called my column “A View From the Cheap Seats” but since there are no such things as a CHEAP SEATS in sports any more I have to find a new name for my column.  If you ask my family they will tell you that I think I am an expert on anything and everything in the world, so why not call it Mr. Know-It-All.



Bucs fans around here need to get into the game.  After years of neglect and dissatisfaction they have checked out, for a myriad of reasons.  A ten game losing streak, ownership, firing of the head coach, are enough to make even a hard-core fan check out, I get it, I really do.  But during that ten game losing streak what were you demanding, what were you craving, what did you dream of?  You wanted a Bucs team you could be proud of, one that fought hard, and won.  One that was compelling with players you could root for.


Well this season you have a QB that has found it’s groove, a head coach that gives you something to talk about, some free agent spending that has made a difference, rookies who make plays and even a local kid who went undrafted and now is making plays on the big stage.  So my question Bucs fans, what else do you demand?


Not getting excited about this team because of your past disappointments is a fools errand.  The 2012 Bucs are everything the 2011 were not.  So if you are still resentful and pouting over this franchise shame on you, because you are missing out on one heck of a season.


And now for something I think you will really like …



Mr. Know-It-All would like to know, how in the world did Mike Trout the human highlight reel not win the gold glove in baseball.  Weak Weak Weak


Mr. Know-It-All would like to know, what the Lakers were thinking not hiring HALL OF FAMER Phil Jackson.  I like Mike D’Antoni I spoke with him several times when he was the coach of the Suns.  But if you have a chance to hire a HALL OF FAMER it seems like a no brainer unless you’re the Lakers.


Mr. Know-It-All would like to know, when is Lane Kiffen going to get fired.  Being a jerk is never a good thing, nor is not letting the other team have a walk through the day before a game to check the field, nor is deflating footballs during the game, having players change numbers at half time, or lying about your vote for the coaches poll.  But if you are going to pull all this nonsense wouldn’t you at least have the good sense to WIN FOOTBALL games.  The Trojans were preseason number 1 and now are so far off the map they only matter because they have Notre Dame left on the schedule.


Mr. Know-It-All would like to know, aren’t Gator fans just a bit embarrassed they almost lost to UL-Laff.  Ill give you a 987 the Fan bumper sticker if you know anyone who roots for the Ragin Cajuns.  Ill give you a 987 the Fan T Shirt if you could five players who played for UL- Laff.  Hey Florida if you are going to schedule cup cakes and pay them to come to the swamp, can you at lease beat them soundly.



Mr. Know-It-All would like to know, who is more disappointed at this point for the USF at Miami game this weekend in Miami. At one point this year Mr. Know-It-All was thinking of traveling to Miami to see this game, instead I am going to Hooters and eat wings and drink Bud Light.   The Canes have a hot young coach in Al Golden who is trying to survive with the NCAA ready to drop the hammer on Miami and give Canes fans one more good season before the sanctions.  The Bulls had illusions of grandeur coming into the season and were talking BCS games in January.  Neither worked out for either team.


Mr. Know-It-All’s Can opener of the week.  My partner Booger McFarlane talks about you need a can opener for a big can of whoop ass that is ready to be open so each week I will award a can opener of the week to the team or person who really deserves it.

This week’s winner is the Houston Texans.  I made sure to be in front of the TV on Sunday night to watch the Texans play the Bears.  After one quarter of watching this game no doubt in my mind that the Texans are the real deal, that defense was slobber knocking good.  I pity the team that has to play them in them in first in the playoffs.




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