By: Justin Pawlowski

I wanted to place a few quotes from a Chargers blog written this week that completely tears into the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Bucs fans, and the Tampa Bay area itself.  I have no intention of linking to this person’s blog and give him cheap hits because that’s probably all he’s looking for.  His name is Dick. Yep, and I’m not lying about that.

I will be referencing this story from this Chargers blog on during The Commish’s Kickoff Party Sunday morning from 10-1 on 98.7 The Fan.

I can deal with people being critical of the teams I love and my team’s fans, but when you start criticizing my city, you have crossed the line.

Here’s how Dick starts this blog piece titled “Two Minutes of Hate: Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

Tampa, as most of you know, is just a terrible, generally worthless city that’s a good half hour away from anywhere you’d actually want to live. Think Detroit with better weather (excepting the potential for hurricanes, I suppose), less crime and more strip clubs. Presumably this is why their sports teams choose to associate with the bay instead of the city. It’s an understandable decision.

Alright, Dick, had you ever visited one of the best cities in the world in Tampa, you’d understand that the region of Tampa Bay makes perfect sense because the benefit is that no matter where you go that is 30 minutes away, it is exactly where you want to be.  Like you in San Diego, we have the beautiful weather, the top beaches in the world, and a zoo!  No, we don’t have a Sea World in Tampa, so you have us there.

Our sports teams CHOOSE to associate with the region of “Tampa Bay” because there isn’t just one ideal location.  See, anywhere you go in the “Tampa Bay” region is the right place to be.  Why in the hell would you not want to associate with that?

The Buccaneers are primarily known for one thing: being terrible at football. Granted right now they sit at .500 and are the favorites over our lowly Chargers on Sunday, but historically they are the worst franchise in the NFL. They have a sub-.400 winning percentage making them the worst franchise in a division in which not one team has an all-time record approaching .500. That’s an impressive tradition and we can only hope they get back to honoring it sooner than later.

But why would we wish bad things on such a long suffering fan base? Yes, they’ve actually suffered more than we have. The Chargers, for all of their many, many faults, actually have a winning record all-time.

Huh? Hey, Dick, are you just a dumbass?  Criticize the Buccaneers all-time record all you want, but while the Chargers window is slamming shut without EVER winning a super bowl, the Buccaneers window is just starting to open with a super bowl title already in our pockets.  Maybe the Chargers will finally win a super bowl once they … I’ll save this for later.

The other noteworthy thing about the Bucs is that stupid cannon they fire in the stadium after big plays.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t also address the fact that Mike Alstott regularly won awards and made the Pro Bowl as a fullback when in reality he was a runningback and not even a good one. He managed some semi-impressive counting stats on occasion, but they were largely garbage yards and vulture touchdowns. In addition to being a subpar runner, he was also a really poor receiver. About the only thing he was good at was being well liked by the media (largely because he was white). He was the prototypical blue collar, fan favorite, insert other cliché that just means overrated white guy.

Dick, you really should not write things you know nothing about.  Mike Alstott scored some of the most important touchdowns in the Buccaneers history including one in the Bucs super bowl win, but you and the Chargers wouldn’t know anything about winning that game.

I have probably spent too much time on some loser blogger who hides behind his computer at any sight of trouble.  I’m sure you enjoy your tiny stipend as you attempt to get cheap “clicks” for your cheap life.

Yes, I know you write these gimmicky “hate” pieces each week, and each week sounds as stupid as the other.  Try doing some real research. You might just show that you have an actual future of breaking out of your parent’s house.

Oh, one more thing, what are you going to do when the Chargers leave for Los Angeles?  We’ll be laughing at you, Richard Wade of!

I recommend listening to The Commish’s Kickoff Party on Sunday before the Bucs-Chargers game from 10-1 on 98.7 The Fan.

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