During Wednesday’s Playoff edition of The Voice, contestants from Team Christina and Team CeeLo sung songs that are pop favorites and classics from some of the biggest names in music, providing their own signature rendition. Before the competition, the two teams combined their musical skills and collectively brought the crowd to cheers with the song appropriately titled, “Sing!”

Afterwards, it was each signing sensation hopeful taking to the stage to win the hearts and votes of America. Each singer worked with their team coaches, CeeLo And Christina Aguilera, and received insight as well as understanding on how to better shape their performances. Then… it was time for the “ultimate sing-off!”

Name: Adriana Louise

Team: Christina

Song: “Firework” by Katy Perry

Performance: Louise took to the stage with confidence taking on what Adam Levine referred to as a “bi*** of a song” due to its long notes and complicated rifts. Nevertheless, Louise seemed to have strong presence as well as strong vibratos.

Critique: CeeLo began his critique of her performance by telling Louise that she had a “wonderful performance” and that she was “carrying a long legacy of worthy competition” within her. Blake Shelton told Louise that it’s a “big deal” every time she performs. Despite a small case of the nerves, she went on to win the hearts of all four superstar judges.

Name: Cody Belew

Team: CeeLo

Song: “One More Try” by George Michael

Performance: Belew seemed to create intimacy and warmth with his rendition of Michael’s classic ballad. He also seemed to connect with the audience as he took distinct liberties with the complicated notes of the song.

Critique: Coach CeeLo admitted his desire to stretch Belew as a singer and give him a song such as this because “…he needed an intimate performance.” CeeLo also said that Belew showed his sensitive side. Adam liked the choice of the song and called himself a “believer” in Belew while Blake told Belew that he gave his best performance. So there was not much need for “trying” for Belew… he seemed to exude the confidence and stamina as a singer to deliver one memorable George Michael classic.

Name: De’Borah

Team: Christina

Song: “Who Knew” by Pink

Performance: With high energy and skill, De’Borah delivered a soulful rendition of Pink’s song. The Chicago native who grew up with a gospel background, engaged the crowd and offered a variety of vocal ranges and styles to her performance.

Critique: As all four judges agreed, De’Borah has tremendous richness to her voice coupled with a style that is unmatched by anyone. Adam told her that “there is nothing regular” about her while Blake agreed. CeeLo told De’Borah that she brings many “mixed emotions” to her performances and she takes the pain of the past and uses it to deliver “powerhouse” performances. De’Borah definitely seems to possess the intensity and energy to be a great singer and light a room with her signature style!

Name: Diego Val

Team: CeeLo

Song: “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias

Performance: Peruvian-born Diego Val offered sensuality, stamina and character during his performance. Coach CeeLo wanted a song for Val that was the “perfect balance of his Latin roots and pop.” But for the rest of the judges it was not as stellar of a performance as Val perhaps would have liked.

Critique: Adam told Val he was “not engaged” during the performance while Blake told Val that he had a “coolness” about him. Christina seemed to agree with Adam in telling Val that he was not totally into his song choice. Val admitted to being more at ease when he is singing is own music. He said that he feels he is at his best when singing original songs. For Val, his “coolness” and “sensitivity” must translate into success no matter what his song of choice is to sing.

Name: Mackenzie Bourg

Team: CeeLo

Song: “What makes You Beautiful” by One Direction

Performance: Bourg began his performance strumming his guitar and giving his audience a performance of a song that is originally sung by a group. Despite the challenge, Bourg seemed happy to take it on. With an innocent and tailored rendition, Bourg offered his own style on the song with rifts and breaks that are not in the original recording.

Critique: For coach CeeLo, he wanted to see more energy. Christina agreed and called Bourg a “charmer who needs to step out of the box.” Adam told Bourg that his performance and style were reminiscent of the decade of the 50s and that he desired to “see more happen.” Will Bourg have staying power? Only time will tell but for now, he clearly needs to abandon what he has done in the past in order to win the competition.

Name: Devyn DeLoera

Team: Christina

Song: “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis

Performance: DeLoera chose a song with difficulty and passion. It proved to be somewhat of a challenge for her. She did seem to have a sustainable quality during her performance but was it enough for the judges?

Critique: While Christna told DeLoera that she did an amazing job, CeeLo shared that it was not her “best performance.” Blake said that he expected to see a “softer performance” but did not see such. DeLoera’s “powerhouse” performances in the past have brought her a long way but can she take her tone and bring it down to a level that displays versatility?

Name: Nicholas David

Team: CeeLo

Song: “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” by Barry White

Performance: With a classic song from an iconic R&B crooner, David seemed to take full command of it. A level of maturity and confidence seemed to exude from David as he offered minimal vocal range but great strength in the notes he sang.

Critique: While Adam told David that he did a “great job”, Blake admitted that David is perhaps his favorite singer. He admitted that he has to look a bit deeper into David to see his true talent. Cee-Lo told David that he was truly proud of him and that vocally, he “can do no wrong”. David seems to have a maturity and stamina that seem to work in his favor. It will be fun to see the heights he is able to soar with his music. What are your thoughts about David’s rendition of an R&B classic? Watch below:

Name: Sylvia Yacoub

Team: Christina

Song: “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry

Performance: Singing the song while playing the piano gave Egyptian-born Yacoumb great stage presence and stamina. She seemed to have the vocal strength and fortitude to deliver great rifts and breaks as she reworked a pop favorite “Yacoub style.” To play and instrument while singing takes great skill and focus and Yacoub seemed to posses both during Wednesday’s musical offering.

Critique: Adam told Yacoub that she “definitely deserved to move forward” while CeeLo told her that she gave him the best performance of the evening. For coach Christina, she looked and spoke like a proud mom when she told Yacoub that she is indeed a “tried and true artist” who shares similar traits and qualities as she. It seems as if Yacoub has a bright musical future within her grasp.

Name: Dez Duron

Team: Christina

Song: “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes

Performance: The former football player seemed to deliver a great performance Wednesday evening as he tacked a country favorite. Taking on the runs and changes in the melody of the song proved to be his strength.

Critique: Adam told Duron he had great precision in between those melodic runs while Blake agreed with him. Christina gave Duron a standing ovation and told him to continue his musical greatness as he is the “total package.”

Name: Trevin Hunte

Team: CeeLo

Song: “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You” by Michael Bolton Also sung by Laura Branigan

Performance: Eighteen-year-old Hunte seems to possess soul and stamina beyond his years. Hunte took a classic ballad and breathed fresh and soulful life inside of it. His performance seemed to be marked by tremendous stamina and power.

Critique: While coach CeeLo was “speechless” after Hunte’s performance, Christina told Hunte that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Do you think that Hunte has what it takes to move on to musical greatness?

-Cicely C. Mitchell, Hot 95.7/Houston


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