Police: Robbery Thwarted After Chinese Restaurant Workers Fail To Understand Demands

ORLANDO, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A failure to understand English at a Chinese restaurant has led to a botched robbery attempt.

Orange County authorities are looking for three masked suspects who attempted to rob a local Chinese restaurant late Monday, but who left empty-handed after the restaurant workers who only spoke Cantonese couldn’t understand what the English-speaking suspects were saying.

The Orlando Sentinel reports that three masked men attempted to rob the New China restaurant. The workers at the restaurant, however, could not properly respond to the robbers’ demands because the employees only spoke Cantonese, according to police.

According to the Sentinel, one robber, wielding a gun, pointed the gun against the head of one male worker. From there, the robbers attempted to bang against the cash register to get it to open, but would accidentally set off the gun in the process, according to police. The men would leave the premises empty-handed.

No arrests have been made to this point.

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