Holiday Shopping Online: Sites For Cyber Monday And Beyond

By Marshal M. Rosenthal
holiday online shopping Holiday Shopping Online: Sites For Cyber Monday And Beyond

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Everyone wants the best possible deals when shopping for the holidays. Stores bring out the bargains the day after Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday), but that also brings out the crowds and, occasionally, the crazies. The shrewd holiday shopper might prefer to wait three more days for Cyber Monday, to enjoy some great online bargains, without the long lines and empty shelves.

Online stores, like their brick-and-mortar counterparts, don’t reveal sales ahead of time. But they usually have some great deals. And most feature free or discounted shipping to get your gifts to you quickly and cheaply. They may even gift-wrap and ship them directly to the lucky recipients. It’s all just a few mouse clicks away.

Here are a few websites worth visiting on Cyber Monday and throughout the 2011 holiday shopping season:

Everything Under The Sun

Go to Amazon Holiday Shopping Online: Sites For Cyber Monday And Beyond

Need a Blu-ray player or a book? How about groceries or a shirt or an accessory for your cell phone? Amazon’s got all this stuff and a whole lot more. And their already low prices drop to basement levels on selected items for Cyber Monday. Amazon even hints at what they’re going to do the Saturday before… so check the site out beforehand.

Computers, Mobile Devices, Music and More

Go to the Apple Store

Apple is known for being a little more expensive than its competitors—but you get what you pay for. The online store features deals similar to those in the brick-and-mortar store, saving you the hassle and grief of the local mall. Free shipping is often added in to sweeten the deals.

Computer Supplies and Accessories

Go to Fry’s

If you’re looking for computer and home electronics stuff, then Fry’s has you covered. They’ve got everything from notebooks and tablets to routers and hard drives to cameras and camcorders. It’s all here and more. The Cyber-specials will save you loads on what you want and need. You don’t have to be a geek to love what you’ll find (though it doesn’t hurt).

Movies and Video Games

Go to Blockbuster

Blockbuster is more than just rentals; it’s also a DVD and video game store. You can give a membership or buy discounted movies and games to give as gifts. The deals get even sweeter when Cyber Monday rolls around. But you’ll have to visit that day to see what’s up because they’re not revealing anything ahead of time.


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