An elimination shocker on Dancing With The Stars sent one of the leading scorers and judges’ favorites home Tuesday night. 

After the five lowest scoring couples from Monday were deemed safe, the night’s two perfect scoring dancers–Apolo Anton Ohno and Sabrina Bryan–faced elimination.

To the surprise of everyone in the audience, it was Sabrina, who was picked by fans to join the All-Star season, that was sent home in week six.

Sabrina, understandably disappointed by the results, said she was “grateful for the experience” adding that “every single person can understand what it feels like to get a second chance at something, and this was my second chance.”

It wasn’t just the judges and the audience that were left bewildered by the results though, dancing pro and friend Cheryl Burke couldn’t believe Sabrina was going home.

Former All-Star Drew Lachey was also outraged by the results.

Despite being voted off, Sabrina let all her loyal fans know she was thankful for the opportunity to be on the All-Star season:

As for the remaining couples, things won’t be getting any easier any time soon. Next week the All-Stars will perform the show’s first ever Fusion Dance. The stars will have to perform two different dances, which were picked by another couple, set to one piece of music. 

Check out what the seven remaining All-Stars will be dancing below. 

Fusion Dance Picks:
Kirstie’s pick for Melissa — Tango/Cha Cha

Kelly’s pick for Gilles — Argentine Tango/Samba

Apolo’s pick for Kirstie — Quickstep/Samba

Melissa’s pick for Shawn — Tango/Paso Doble

Shawn’s pick for Emmitt — Rumba/Samba

Sabrina’s pick for Kelly — Cha Cha/Fox Trot

Gilles’ pick for Apolo — Cha Cha/Paso Doble

Voted off:

Pamela Anderson (week 1)

Joey Fatone (week 2)

Helio Castroneves and Drew Lachey (week 3)

Bristol Palin (week four)

Sabrina Bryan (week six)

Britt Bickel, 94.7 The WAVE


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