Will Taylor Swift Ever Write A Song About Her Cat Meredith?

Taylor Swift‘s cat Meredith has developed a beloved following among the singer’s fans. She’s been featured on Twitter , Instagram, and YouTube, been recruited to help Taylor win Entertainer of the Year at this year’s ACMs, and she’s even occasionally discussed during interviews.

So when Taylor sat down recently with the morning show team at Detroit station WYCD, one thing they had to ask was whether Taylor might ever write a song about her cat.

Her answer was straight and to the point. “There is never going to be a song written about my cat – ever – who wants to listen to that?” she said. Of course, she blushed a bit as WYCD’s Dr. Don noted that she could sing the phone book and people would want to listen.

Still, her answer remained firm.

“With this record I needed to challenge myself and do something I’ve never done before,” she said. But that “challenge” did not involve crafting clever cat songs. “Maybe if I run out of ideas completely I will go to writing songs about animals,” she conceded. “But probably never. Never ever, like, ever.”

Listen to the complete Taylor Swift interview on WYCD.

Taylor Swift’s new album Red is in stores now, and she just announced a major North American tour to begin in 2013.

– Nanci Haskin, 99.5 WYCD/Detroit


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