Katy Perry Spends The Night In Vegas With The President

Last night, Katy Perry and President Barack Obama took to the stage in Las Vegas, Nevada, for an unforgettable show. This is one trip to Vegas President Obama hopes will not stay in Vegas but will spread throughout the battleground state.

After being tapped by the Obama campaign to rally support for the President, Perry took the stage to get the crowd of nearly 13,000 pumped up for the November 6th election.

The “Waking Up In Vegas” singer was dressed in a white latex dress that was painted to look like a ballot with the field for Obama/Biden checked and the Romney/Ryan field left empty.

Perry told the crowd to not wait to vote and take advantage of the state’s early voting by voting tomorrow. She also singled out the 18-year-old “virgin” voters, prompting them to get out their vote ASAP. Perry jokingly told the crowd she already had her voting outfit picked out, promising she’d wear red, white and blue when she voted for “you know who.”

President Obama himself eventually took to the stage thanking Perry for her support and proclaiming to the crowd that she’s a “wonderful young lady.”

Perry’s 90-year-old grandmother even showed her love for the President by the means of a kiss on the cheek. Obama then joked to the crowd that “someone wiped it off before Michelle saw it.”

Immediately following last night’s show, President Obama flew to Tampa where he will be speaking at a rally in Ybor City on Thursday morning.

Perry took to Twitter to share her excitement of the show and her 28th birthday.

-CJ Robinson MIX 105.1/Orlando

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