There are many benefits to the Lana Del Rey Halloween costume. Instead of tarting up as yet another “sexy (fill in the blank),” you get to emulate someone who’s made sartorial seduction into an art form. The diminutive “Video Games” star and face of high profile brands like Jaguar and H&M has already modeled an array of looks to choose from, so there are few hard and fast rules to capturing her look. Depending on which Lana Del Rey you want to portray, there are plenty of options to make it happen. From ultra-glamorous ice queen to the all-American girl next door turned renegade wild-child, Lana Del Rey’s visual personal is a veritable cornucopia of bold iconography, classic Hollywood archetypes and old-fashioned daddy issues.

1. Lots and Lots of Hair

lanadelhair How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Anne-Christine / AFP / Getty Images

In her relatively brief time in the pop spotlight, Del Rey has already sported blond, brunette and red tresses. The one common denominator is volume. In concert and on red carpets, she’s usually sporting big, cascading hairstyles that invoke images of old-school Hollywood glamor and 1960s style. Dress it up with a headband, or go for broke and rock the crown of flowers like Del Rey does in the “Born to Die” video.

2. Dramatic Make-Up

lanaeyes How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Del Rey maintains that late-night look with defined, pouty lips, smoky eyes and big, Betty Boop eyelashes. 

3. Fancy Couture Gown

lanagown How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

Take the easy route by shimming into a slinky dress like the one Del Rey wore on her now infamous appearance on Saturday Night Live. Look forlorn, nervously brush your hair away from your face and carry a microphone limply by your side. Instant Lana Del Rey!

4. Cut-Off Jean Short-Shorts and Cool Graphic T-Shirt

ldrshortstee How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Samir Hussein / Getty Images

Del Rey’s signature street style never fails to bring the boys to the yard. Tiny jean shorts cut just this side of softcore porn matched with a t-shirt pulled from classic pop culture (rock bands like Guns N’ Roses and beer companies are best) is all it takes. Parody shirts are acceptable, such as the “Buttweiser” shirt she prominently displays in the 10-minute clip for new song “Ride.” Simple Converse or Keds sneakers complete this LDR look.

5. American Flag

lanaflagbychuckgrant2 20121009 172843 How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Chuck Grant / Shore Fire Media

If Lana Del Rey is in the building, an American flag is not too far away. She’s taken the most basic of American images and made it her go-to symbol. Tote a full-sized flag to wear like a shawl, or tuck a bandana-sized version on your person to wave in the air like you just don’t care. Lana wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. Gold Jewelry

lanagold How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Nicole Nodland / Shore Fire Media

Chunky necklaces, large hoop earrings and heart-shaped sunglasses are just part of Del Rey’s endless arsenal of gold baubles. Bonus points for rocking a customized knuckle duster ring.

7. Burly Biker Dude

lanadelrey ride How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Interscope Records

Really bring the look home by accessorizing with a bearded bad boy riding a sweet chopper a la Sons of Anarchy. He can also function as your designated driver for the night.

8. Native-American Headdress

lanadelheaddress How To Dress Like Lana Del Rey For Halloween

Interscope Records

Del Rey’s stylist raided some female Coachella-goers’ closet to bring back this beautiful piece of headwear for her instantly infamous “Ride” video. But be forewarned: not everyone thinks it’s cool to appropriate other cultures just to make a fashion statement, so choose your costume party wisely, or at least be ready to have someone call you out for it.

When she’s not inspiring sexy Halloween costumes, Lana Del Rey is currently prepping for the November 13th release of Born to Die – The Paradise Edition, a reissue of her debut album. The new version boasts eight new songs, including her take on “Blue Velvet” that’s being used as part of her current H&M advertising campaign.

–Scott T. Sterling, CBS Local


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