It’s no secret that Wally DeBacker, AKA Gotye, loves when his musical creations are set to animation. The Australian musician goes to great lengths to utilize visuals throughout his performances, giving them a theatrical, thoroughly immersive feel.

In his video clip for “Easy Way Out,” Gotye proves he’s both a fan of animation and a perfectionist. The 360 degree revolving video took nearly 9 months to complete.

In the latest video from his multi-platinum selling album, Making Mirrors, Gotye contracted Blacklist, a New York-based production house, specializing in “experimental” content to create the visuals for “Dig Your Own Hole.” Directed Saiman Chow, the video follows a propeller-driven steam train driven by a mysterious green-cigarette-smoking man. The dream-like ride begins as soon as the train leaves the station.

The video was produced and edited in such a way as to match every beat.


Another new video just released by Gotye is set to “Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver,” a single from the 2006 album Like Drawing Blood.

In the video a circus-like elephant stomps through a town filled with all the other circus animals staring him down. The elephant is guided by a bird atop his head, pulling his hair, acting as a backseat driver. As panic sets in the elephant begins to run and tumbles down a hill, destroying the town. Just when he thinks the fearsome animals have been destroyed, they rise from the rubble. Much to the elephant’s surprise, the scariest of them all, a mean looking lion extends a paw to pull up the injured elephant. A happy dance ensues. Yes, it’s strange.


Gotye’s Making Mirrors is available now.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local



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