Christina Aguilera Admits To Never Wearing Underwear

Chelsea Handler hasn’t held back on commenting on Christina Aguilera’s fashion choices as of late.

So when The Voice star was asked to appear on Chelsea Lately, she said she would under one condition — Handler would have do the interview in a risqué outfit, that included wearing fishnets, as a way to get back at her.  The late night host agreed.

“Don’t you feel  free?” Aguilera asked Handler on Thursday’s show. “I think it’s a good look for you.  You ‘re in pop star mode right now.”

Shortly thereafter,  Xtina disclosed to her that she never wears underwear.

“I don’t like to wear underwear,” Aguilera said.  “I like to be as free as possible at all times.  It’s just who I am.”

Now, some would say there are things that a woman needs to keep private. On the other hand, some women say they have no problem with going commando. They’ll tell you that it just feels more comfortable.

So, we ask: Is it really all that important to wear underwear?

According to U.K.’s leading independent health Website NetDoctor it isn’t.

“For most young girls and women it makes little difference whether they choose to wear underwear in bed or not,” they report.

Though if one is to maintain proper hygiene, one should slap on a pair of underwear.

NetDoctor add that it may be possible for a person wearing underwear to develop sweat at times, which in theory, could increase the risk of developing a fungal infection.

So whether a woman feels a sense of cleanliness when wearing underwear, or feels that not wearing it separates the women from the girls, there seems to be no decisive answer to the question: Do I really need to wear underwear?

We’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below.

-Dan Schenek, 97.1 AMP Radio, Los Angeles

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