Police: Couple Caught Having Sex At Restaurant’s Outside Patio

Baldwin Park, Fl (CBS Tampa) – Orlando police have arrested a couple that they say were having sex on an outside patio table at Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant Monday night.

The trouble began when restaurant manager Tom Murphy noticed the overly amorous couple being intimate and, according to the police report, told them to “compose [themselves].”

“Pay your tab or I’ll call police,” he added, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

That’s when the male suspect, Jeremie Calo, signed his tab with a one-word response – “NO.” When Murphy went to call 911, he reportedly saw the couple leave with drinks that they did not pay for, according to the police report obtained by the paper.

The Orlando police reports showed that Murphy, accompanied by another employee, went outside and told the couple to wait. However, the employee reportedly had to detain Calo to prevent him from leaving until the police showed up.

Police issued Calo and his date, Tiffany Barganier, trespassing warnings and told them not to return to the restaurant for one year.

Calo was charged with resisting a merchant and defrauding an innkeeper for less than $300. He was booked into the Orange County Jail and released on $600 bail.

Murphy told police that the incident was blown out of proportion, adding that server had initially complained about the couple’s behavior.

“At no time were they having sex on a table in front of kids. It was inappropriate but I don’t know if they were having sex or not,” he told the Sentinel. “This is a family restaurant and we never have problems here.”

CBS Tampa has reached out to the Orlando police for comment.


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