For this upcoming All Hallow’s Eve take your favorite holiday treats and make them positively ghoulish.

All you need is a little red icing to make your gingerbread men a little scarier.

%name Four Delicious Treats To Make This Halloween
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Taylor Page

London blogger, Charlotte Taylor Page writes on her site Make Do + Friend that these gory ginger-dead men cookies are perfect for kids. Just break off the man’s arm or leg or torso and use a little icing to draw on his wound. It might look gross, but it tastes delicious.

Another treat that is easy for kids to make are chocolate covered bones.

%name Four Delicious Treats To Make This Halloween
Photo Courtesy of

No, we’re not asking you to cannibalize anyone, just go to your local grocery story and pick up a bag of pretzel sticks, a pack of mini-marshmallows and a package of white chocolate morsels.

Put one marshmallow on each side of the pretzel and then dip in the melted chocolate. Using a fork you can lift the bone out of the bowl and place each one on a piece of wax paper to let dry. This one can get messy so keep the Wet Naps handy.

No Halloween would be complete without a nice cup of dirt.

%name Four Delicious Treats To Make This Halloween
Photo Courtesy of Kraft

This simple pudding treat from Kraft asks you to use your imagination. Crushed up Oreos take the place of real dirt while gummy worms slither around on top. Place your dirt in little cups or grab a children’s pail and shovel to dole out the snack just like you would the real thing.

These dead ladies’ fingers are definitely not for the faint of heart.

%name Four Delicious Treats To Make This Halloween

The recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart, requires a mixer and a little time to get those digits just right. Kids can have fun painting the fingernails—a sliced almond—of each cookie with a little food coloring.

What are some of your favorite Halloween treats?

 –Shannon Carlin, CBS Local





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