Tweet Beat: Justin Bieber — The Good, The Stolen, The Canadian

Justin Bieber’s had a rough week. His computer was stolen. Someone punked the police claiming they broke into his home and he might be related to Celine Dion. Here’s a look into the best Bieber headlines and Tweets from the week.

In the midst of his Believe Tour even Bieber falls victim to burglary. He took to Twitter to let the world know.

Justin Bieber has some famous relatives.

You read that right. According to the Biebs is a distant cousin of actor Ryan Gosling and singer Avril Lavigne as well as a distant relative of fellow Canadian singer Celine Dion. Bieber and Gosling are reportedly 11th cousins once removed, and Bieber and Lavigne are 12th cousins.

While Bieber may have had a difficult week, he’s still doing some good.

“The Web should be used to inspire others, not spread hate or hurt,” he said in the PSA.

Shortly after the Newark Bears posted a Tweet confirming that Bieber would be performing, they retracted the news when it was discovered to be fraudulent promises.

And perhaps the most surprising news of the week is Justin Bieber is a Phish fan.

At a recent concert the pop star surprised everyone when performing three different Phish songs during his current tour including “Sand,” “First Tube” and “Divided Sky.”

Meanwhile, fans can expect to see the video for his collaboration with Nicki Minaj soon. Nicki Tweeted all about it. “I am speechless. just saw the @justinbieber “beauty and a beat” video. This sh** will change the game. Blown away. Wait til u c it!”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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