Bloody Biting Scene On China Subway Invokes Reminder Of Miami ‘Zombie Attack’

GUANGZHOU, CHINA (CBS Tampa) – Just when the Miami “zombie attack” of the summer was beginning to fade into memory, a bloody biting incident over a subway seat 12,357 miles away in China has, for now, brought the idea of a zombie apocalypse back to the forefront.

The incident, which has since gone viral, shows a 67-year-old retired teacher from Guangzhou, China, brutally attacking a 28-year-old man for not respecting his elders, leading to the older man biting the younger man Monday.

Video of the incident shows a 67-year-old, identified only as “Chen” in media reports, being shoved out of the way by a 28-year-old named “Wu” for a subway seat, according to Chen allegedly began to ridicule Wu, with media reports indicating that Chen told Wu to respect his elders. From there, the situation would soon escalate. A witness on the subway told New Express Daily that Chen punched Wu, leading to a fight between the two. Then, Chen would violently bite Wu, resulting in a bloody scene that brought about caution from other passengers on board who thought about breaking up the scuffle. The Southern Metropolis Daily reports that Chen and Wu sustained only minor injuries from the incident.

According to media reports, neither Chen nor Wu is facing charges. Both men have also apologized to each other for their actions.

The biting scene in China brought back memories of the cannibal in Miami, who stripped naked on the side of a highway, attacked a homeless man and ate off pieces of the man’s face.  The incident gained enough traction that it sparked a mini-wave of copycat scenes. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would also offer training for a zombie apocalypse.

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