How To Dress Like Nicki Minaj For Halloween

If channeling your inner pop diva is a look you want to create this Halloween, Nicki Minaj is your best bet. The singer rocks neons and wigs like nobody’s business so dig through your closet for the brightest colors you have before taking a trip to the mall.

Hair: You’ll need to visit the wig store for this one. Nicki is known for her limitless hairstyles so whether you’re in the mood to be a blonde, have some blue highlights or want to try out bubblegum pink the sky’s the limit. For a little extra Nicki influence try teasing the wig for some more volume.

Make-Up: The makeup should be as bright and eye grabbing as you can make it. After your basic foundation and blush it’s all about the eyes. Try a turquoise eyeshadow like CoverGirl’s Eye Enhancers that extends to the tip of your brow line and draw in black eyeliner. Add more volume with eyelash extensions. Grab your pinkest lipstick to coat on your lips and you’re ready to go!

nicki minaj How To Dress Like Nicki Minaj For Halloween

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Clothes: Nicki is a fan of short skirts and tutus so find the shortest skirt in your closet and pair it with a tutu for some extra flavor. Try visiting Claire’s for their Rainbow Ribbons tutu to complete the look. Next, find a midriff showing tank and couple it with a bright colored vest. Finish the look with the craziest tights you can find and platform heels, the higher the better (but make sure you can walk!).

Accessories: As much as Nicki’s wigs are a part of her style so is her bling. Pair all your bracelets with a big necklace like this dollar sign available at Party City. Think outside the box and unleash your inner Roman.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local

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