Let’s face it: if you want to dress like Ke$ha, you want to go old school, messy and drunk Ke$ha and not the cleaned up red carpet diva she’s been lately. Here’s how to get the look from her 2011 tour.

Hair: This is the part you need to plan in advance. You’ll need a long blonde wig or, if you are already blonde, hair extensions. Go for a straight wig/extensions and place ConAir Medium Spiral Curlers in them overnight to get the right curl. Comb out.

Make-Up: Do basic foundation, bronzer and a dark liner (navy, dark purple or brown) all the way around the eyes and into the lower lids. Apply silver face paint, like this kit, in any style you like under the eyes and on the face. Skip the chore of trying to find green lipstick and use eyeliner on your lips. Something like Wet ‘n’ Wild MegaLiner in Turquoise will work.

keshaface1 How To Dress Like Ke$ha For Halloween

(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Clothes: Throw on a leotard, fishnets (ripped if you’re serious) and grab a t-shirt from the bottom of your hamper and distress it. Pair with high heels, preferably platforms.

Accessories: Ke$ha rocks a whole lot of different accessories. Anything metallic and punky will do. Don’t be afraid to add bling, just don’t be too girly about it. You might replicate her tape recorder on a chain around her neck or a bandolier (a sleeve like the one Rambo wears to carry ammo). Make sure you have either a hip flask or a small bottle of Jack, in case you need to brush your teeth. Apply large sequins and glitter all over your body, using a spray glue to keep them on and give your skin a genuine, sticky/grungy feel.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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