How To Dress Like PSY For Halloween

Thinking about getting your “Gangnam Style” on for Halloween? It’s easier than you think to dress like PSY— but if you want an exact replica of the Gangnam tux, there is only one company in the country you can buy it from. And supplies are limited!

“You know that at every single Halloween party and bar this year, that song is going to get played…If your’e wearing that outfit, you’re immediately the center of attention. And people are going to want to dance with you!”’s Dana Precious tells CBS Local.

The site have replicated PSY’s signature jacket, in both powder blue and green.

%name How To Dress Like PSY For Halloween

“You can do the exact outfit really easily that [PSY] had which is black pants [and] white tuxedo shirt. Our tuxedo jackets come with a black bow tie. And just throw on your black sunglasses and you’re replicating the outfit.”

If dressing as a South Korean pop star isn’t quite what you had in mind, Precious offers up ideas on how to make PSY’s look your own. The jacket and bow tie combo is surprisingly easy to sex up.

“When we did our photo shoots…[girls have] shown up in the glittery shorts, like short shorts with sequins on them matched with the jacket. I saw a pink tutu get matched up with the jacket. A really short black mini skirt with high heels…Wear it with only a push-up bra, nothing else underneath it. It buttons around your belly button and then you’re wearing cleavage with the bow tie. Pair that with a really short skirt and f-me pumps.”

%name How To Dress Like PSY For Halloween

If you prefer scary over sexy, there’s always zombie PSY — or some of the blood-ridden suggestions Precious offers.

“If you want to go scary, you could do anything from getting those fake bullet holes and putting them on your forehead with some blood dripping down on the jacket. Or make it look like there are one of those fake swords going through the middle of you with blood.”

The “Gangnam Style” tux jacket is available at and on Ebay — but Precious says supplies are limited. It is recommended that you place your order on or before October 11 to guarantee delivery.

The jacket is a poly blend, that Precious says feels like cotton. It is lined and contains shoulder pads for the most authentic PSY-like look — and it comes with the signature bow tie.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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