Florida Man Facing Charges For Sex With Horse — Again

Tallahassee, Fla. (CBS TAMPA) — A Florida man is facing charges after he had sex with a neighbor’s horse – again.

Patrick Louis Linn, of Gadsden County, is accused of sneaking into a neighbor’s barn and having sex with a horse. Deputies told WTSP-Tampa that Linn was caught on tape sneaking into neighbor Allen McDearmid’s barn in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He is being charged with trespassing, burglary and sex acts with an animal.

This comes two years after Linn was caught on tape and arrested for doing the same thing in the same barn, but with a different horse. This horse is a stud named “Sunny.”

“I would say it’s hard to believe, but I had a feeling he’d be back because I believe it’s a compulsion type thing with him. I don’t … I just … it’s bad,” McDearmid told WTSP, shaking his head.

McDearmid says he knew there was trouble when his wife went to the barn and noticed some lubricant on the stall door.

“She then checked the horse…and I went down and checked the security video and sure enough, there he was going into the stall,” McDearmid explained to WTSP.

On Monday night deputies waited for Linn. They wound up chasing him through the woods and arrested him in front of his own house, more than a mile away. Linn told them he’d been out for a walk.

“The guy knows right from wrong or he wouldn’t be running like he does, but he ain’t totally right for what he’s doing,” McDearmid told the station. “I think he needs help and he needs to be put away so he can’t do anything like that.”

Linn was arrested in 2010 after cops received complaints that he went into the barn several times and “conducted sexual acts with the horses,” prosecutors told The Weekly Vice at the time. Cops staked him out and reportedly caught him in the act, but he fled before he was apprehended hours later.

McDearmid said he is tired of worrying about what he’s going to find when he walks out in his yard at night or what his wife or daughter might find.

“Where does that lead to? It could escalate … you don’t know,” he said.


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