Cher Lloyd Debuts “Oath” Music Video

On the heels of the success of “Want U Back,” Cher Lloyd just released her new music video for “Oath.” An ode to her girlfriends, the song celebrates friendship through thick and thin.

The Dr. Luke-produced track features Becky G. on guest vocals and is from Lloyd’s debut album Sticks + Stones, released in the US earlier this week.

At the video’s start Cher is stuck in detention. Passing notes between her best friend, the two get through it together. Flash forward to the end of the school day and Cher can be found singing atop a red convertible in a pink bikini at the beach.

In an interview with Pop Crush Cher explained that she was uncertain about wearing the bikini.

“I took many risks with this one,” she said. “I wore a bathing suit for the first time . . . It is a daring thing to do! I know some people might have a certain reaction to it, and I don’t really care about that. It was a big stepping stone in my life to get over confidence issues and body issues and just to say, ‘Ya know what? I am what I am, and I am gonna wear a bathing suit in my video, because why not?’”

“Wherever you go/ Just always remember/ You’re never alone/ We’re birds of a feather/ And we’ll never change no matter the weather/ This is my oath to you,” Cher sings.

With her girlfriends by her side, Cher makes a trip to the laundry mat even look fun.

“You complete me and that’s no lie/ You are my tuxedo and I’m your bow tie . . . In my eyes you can do no wrong,” Becky G raps along.

“Oath” is an anthem for girlfriends everywhere and as school lets out and the girls head to the beach the sunny, feel good song reminds us just how much we need our friends, especially in detention.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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