David Guetta is one of the world’s top DJs. Sia, thanks to her recent reinvention as an electronica siren, is rising through the ranks to play a leading role in many of 2012’s beat driven anthems, including another Guetta production “Titanium,” as well as Flo Rida’s “Wild Ones.”

“She Wolf” is the first single from Guetta’s sixth full-length studio release; a reboot of his platinum selling, Grammy nominated, Nothing But The Beat with six new tracks, reproduced as Nothing But The Beat 2.0. Other collaborations on 2.0 include Usher, Nicki Minaj, Timbaland and Tegan & Sara.

The video for “She Wolf” leaves viewers scratching their heads. With cinematography a la Girl With The Dragon Tattoo filmed on the set of Game Of Thrones the clip intrigues. A naked woman who shape-shifts into a wolf is introduced at the video’s start. Suddenly that wolf is shown galloping gracefully across a snowy landscape as she’s chased by a group of Nordic cavemen on a husky-driven dogsled whose obvious intent is to kill the heroine with their bows and arrows.

Now the wolf is cornered and her fate appears to be sealed unless the secret weapon in your paws happens to be the eternal thumping of David Guetta’s breakbeat.

Arrows fly, two miss and a third should effectively be a kill shot. Instead, the wolf turns and stares down her predators with her luminous green eyes and stamps one paw on the earth. This relatively small gesture produces a seismic attack that simultaneously melts the hunters faces, shatters their bodies into glass-shard pieces and reveals her TRON-inspired exoskeleton.

Filmed in Iceland and directed by Hiro Murai “She Wolf” is both beautiful and highly strange. Watch the full video here to decide for yourself, trailer below.

-Tim Mudd & Jennifer Markham, Energy 103.7/San Diego

  1. What a fantastic tune and video. Always great to see Iceland in music videos with big artists. Here is a list (and a playlist) of many of the videos that has been filmed here:

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