Ke$ha Releases New Single “Die Young”

Earlier this month Ke$ha revealed a 35-second video of her riding a subway in Tokyo. Titled “Tokyo 2012” we weren’t quite sure what the “TiK ToK” singer was up to in Japan but with the release of her lyric video for new single “Die Young” now we know.

It turns out Ke$ha was busy working and not vacationing while in Japan. The official lyric video for “Die Young” has Ke$ha riding the subway as the lyrics to the song are painted on her body and displayed throughout the city streets. Part of the footage shown in her “Tokyo 2012” video snippet include her entering the subway and passengers waiting to hop on. Meanwhile, Ke$ha is singing as commuters look on.

“Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young,” Ke$ha sings alongside a steady drumbeat and her familiar vocals.

Though the track leaked a day early, it seems Ke$ha is embracing the situation as she Tweeted earlier today, “die young is trending worldwide!!! i f****** love u animals!!!”

“Die Young” displays Ke$ha’s familiar party style with a heavy bass beat. But, in an interview with Rolling Stone she said to expect more serious songs on her forthcoming LP.

“The first two records talked more about partying, which is a great, magical part of life,” she told the magazine. “But some songs on the new record are more personal and vulnerable. And you can hear more of the music I listen to when I’m lying in my bed. I’m not claiming that it’s a rock record – but as long as it’s f***ing good, you can call it whatever you want.”

Ke$ha’s album Warrior is due for release on December 4.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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