Rest assured LMFAO fans, the band did not break up.

After news last week surfaced that band members Redfoo and Sky Blu split, LMFAO wanted to clear up the rumors.

In an interview with MTV News, Sky Blu set the record straight.

“Well, you know, first of all, we’re not breaking up. I know that for sure. We’re family and stuff, so it’s always love,” he said. “It’s interesting because somebody will say one thing [and] it’s just like high school, then all of a sudden [it’s] ‘They’re breaking up. They’re fighting.'”

Sky Blu was talking about Redfoo’s interview with last week and that his quotes on how LMFAO won’t be performing together were misinterpreted.

“I feel like we’ve been doing this for so long, five or six years,” Redfoo said. “And we’re kind of like saying, well, let’s just do what’s natural and just kind of explore that, instead of like forcing it all the time.”

Sky Blu cleared things up for good.

“It kind of gets blown out of proportion, so we’re definitely not breaking up,” he said.

Busy working on their own projects, the band is however taking a hiatus.

“We’ve been working as LMFAO for so long and you know we’ve been working on a lot of other projects as well. And so I feel like our creative paths, we need to kind of realize these projects we’ve been working on. And it’ll free up our minds and stuff to be able to take on another LMFAO project because the next one we do it’s got to be that like [an] amazing, amazing crazy album and stuff like that,” he said.

“It’s kind of like, let us get our wind up, let us kind of show the world who we are as individuals and then we come together stronger than ever.”

Thankfully, the world won’t be done party rocking anytime soon.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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