BUNNELL, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A Florida mom is facing child abuse charges after being caught on camera attacking a teenager after he was accused of starting a fight with her son.

According to WKMG-TV, Felecia Phillips, 35, confronted 17-year-old Justin Mickens, a Flagler Palm Coast High School Student, at a bus stop Wednesday morning.

The two began pushing and shoving each other before the bus arrived, with Mickens eventually slamming Phillips on the ground, police say. When Mickens got onto the bus, Phillips went in after him, grabbing his hair and hitting him in the face.

“He called me a (expletive), and I did push him in his face. I just want you to leave my son alone,” Phillips told WKMG. “He’s not that type of kid to go around messing with other kids. My son is trying to get an education. Leave him alone.”

A Flagler County Schools spokesman called Phillips’ actions “inappropriate.”

“It’s never a good idea for the parent to get on the bus,” spokesman Mike Judd told WJXT-TV. “If they need to talk to the driver, talk to the driver through the window, through the open door, but don’t get on the bus.”

Terez Smith, Phillips’ son, was proud of his mom for defending him.

“I feel great about it because I know a lot of people wish they had a mom that will have their back,” he told WKMG.

Phillips said that people need to get physical with these types of bullies.

“That’s what they need – a good old-fashioned whooping,” she told WJXT. “And we’re not able to do that because we’ll end up in jail with child abuse charges.”

Flagler County authorities charged Phillips with child abuse and trespassing on school property.


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