As The Killers continue to wind around the globe promoting their new album Battle Born, frontman Brandon Flowers made time to appear as a guest on the Swedish panel-style talk show, Salvan, where the band was scheduled to perform. Little did he know that he’d be ambushed by an outspoken atheist, who had been brought in to debate the singer about religion.

Instead of talking about music, host Fredrik Skavlan launched into a religions discussion, forcing Flowers to defend his faith.

“Some of the things that I love (about my religion) are about my mother teaching me to pray and that I had that communication with my heavenly father,” says Flowers. “And that’s something that I turn to on a daily basis. And, there are answers to questions that my church has that are also very… I guess it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful thing for me and I’m happy.”

Much to Flowers’ dismay, the host continued down the religious path with no discussion of music.

“It’s difficult because I’m here to promote this band and I get questioned a lot about being Mormon,” retaliated Flowers. “But it’s understandable because it’s still a very misunderstood sort of religion and I people are pretty unfamiliar with. So, it doesn’t bother me.”

Despite Flowers’ plea to discuss the new album, the host introduces Mr. Dawkins, an author and former Oxford biology professor, who, without pause, waged an attack on Flowers and his faith, accusing the Mormon faith of being founded by a con man, calling the prophet Joseph Smith “a charlatan.”

“If you’re going to call this man a charlatan… I take offense to it,” Flowers said with a hint of anger.

“He was a convicted charlatan,” argued Dawson. “He was a convicted con man.”

“These are all falsehoods!” exclaimed Flowers. “You should do your research.”

“The Koran, The Bible, these are both ancient books,” Dawson continued creating further tension with the bold proclamation, “So they’re not obvious fakes in the way the Book of Mormon is.

As the unsolicited debate continued, the show’s host receives a message from producers announcing that Flowers must leave the discussion to prepare for the band’s performance of “Runaways.”

Flowers had been saved, in more ways than one.

The Killer’s Battle Born is now available in stores now.

— Jay Tilles, CBS Local

Click below to watch the entire video.

play brandon video The Killers Brandon Flowers Faces Off With Atheist, Debates Mormon Religion


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