Hedley Singer Nearly Lost A Leg Shooting “Kiss You Inside Out”

Hedley are old pros at shooting music videos. When they decided to shoot a video for their new single “Kiss You Inside Out,” they opted for a treatment that required lots of physics-defying, life-endangering stunts.

Guitarist Dave Rosin told CBS Local it was almost a bloody accident for singer Jacob Hoggard.

“We ended up having lots of extras,” Hoggard said. “People that were just hanging out watching ended up being in the video. As the crowd accumulated we just used that to our advantage and incorporated it into the shoot.”

“We were halfway into the shoot and Jake’s up on the car, we’re filming a scene with him, and he unfortunately put his leg through the entire windshield. He’s okay, the leg is still there,” Rosin tols us. “We didn’t have to reattach.”

Naturally Hoggard did it for the best reasons possible.

“I did it mostly to impress girls but no one was really watching and it was kind of a waste.”

Girls are watching now — swooning in fact, over their incredibly sweet new love song.

“We’ve done 13 videos now,” Hoggard continued. “We have a real good handle on all the people that we work with, in terms of some really solid relationships. It seems like, at least in our case, we can get so much more out of the production just being friends with them all, knowing them and having a good relationship as opposed to a negative one. They know what we’re going for. We really push to get the most out of those experiences and they really can get on board for that.”

“And nothing beats a good team beer after it’s all done too,” Rosin added. “It’s that sense of, ‘Hey guys, we did another one. We got it!'”

“The only thing better than a team beer is four team beers,” Hoggard joked.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local

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