Christina Aguilera finds herself in the headlines a lot lately. The soon to be former judge of The Voice just released her new single and artwork for “Your Body” last week. In the midst of prepping her music video, Xtina took to Twitter to give fans a preview of what to expect.

In her “Your Body” video teaser a sexy Christina is shown hitchhiking on a highway in the middle of nowhere. Shown in fishnet stockings, killer pink high heels and a long white shirt as her rainbow colored hair blows in the wind, Xtina is looking fierce. Though the singer’s midriff showing “Genie In a Bottle” days are long over she still manages to show some skin and with that, garner a few more famous fans.

In the song Christina can be heard singing, “All I wanna do is love your body” before the shot cuts to her scantily clad self. Dressed in what appears to be a neon yellow and pink tank top, Xtina’s neck bling reads “Rich B****” in hot pink.

Later, she rocks a pink wig and see-through little black dress in a convenience store all before she sets a car on fire.

The Max Martin-produced track was filmed last month by director Melina Matsoukas. While the singer is putting the final touches on her forthcoming album Lotus, she recently told Rolling Stone what fans can expect.

“I’m one that likes to collaborate. I love feeding off the creative energy, and it only makes me better,” she said. “I’m on a continual path both personally and professionally. All-around, it’s my goal to better myself as a person and an artist, and the show is one of those contributing factors and the guys are great friends at this point. It’s fun collaborating with them at this point.”

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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