By Benjamin Fearnow

Tampa Bay (CBS TAMPA) — Tim Tebow may not be a starting quarterback, but the NFL has given him his own starring role on the league’s website.

Called the “Tebow Zone,” has dedicated a page entirely to the New York Jets’ backup quarterback. It features a full play-by-play analysis and recap of nearly every Tim Tebow highlight.

“Every Tim Tebow Game,” reads the page’s subtitle.

The green-and-white website has video clips and written analysis of the No. 15 jersey out of the University of Florida.

“Tim Tebow was in the game for three plays including a 22-yard run in the third quarter. The New York Jets lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-10,” reads one description for a nearly two-minute video of his limited play from this past weekend’s game.

The documentation will continue week-to-week and still has his week one performance against the Bills posted: “Tim Tebow made his New York Jets debut in a 48-28 victory over the Buffalo Bills, playing multiple positions on offense but never attempting a single pass while under center. He DID recover an onside kick late in the game however, and finished with 5 carries for 11 yards.”

Facebook users have the ability to comment on the website, where many have expressed that the website may be a bit absurd.

“This is ridiculous,” reads the top comment posted on the shrine to the outspoken Christian-faith quarterback. “I can’t believe this is still going on. Have to give it to the Tebow haters, they are relentless. A man that has morals and that will make it in the NFL,” another fan posted.

There is another posted video called “Top 10 Things We Love About Tim Tebow.” But after a 37-second tease, you have to join something called “Total Access” to see the rest.

“They should call it Total Excess,” Orlando Sentinel sportswriter Jerry Greene commented.

Regardless of whether or not page viewers support the Tebow-obsessed page, hundreds of visitors are continuing to ‘like’ the page on Facebook and comment on the website.

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