Customer Receives Live Snake Taped To Her Dishwasher

TAMPA, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Did that hose just move? One customer got more than she ordered when her new dishwasher showed up from Sears as a snake was found taped to it.

“Luckily, my boyfriend found it first,” Jessica Hasson told Business Insider. “I was on the phone with Sears at the time because they forgot to deliver the panels and handles with the dishwasher. I refused to go near it.”

The dishwasher was ordered from and shipped from Tampa to her home in Los Angeles.

Hasson told Business Insider that Sears didn’t do a great job at handling the problem.

“Sears continues to apologize, but of the 15 people I have spoken with, none are able to actually resolve the problem,” she explained to Business Insider. “They finally came and picked up the dishwasher with the snake still attached, but they’re confused about how to get me a replacement delivered and installed. Over 3 hours of wasted time and energy. I am still on hold.”

Hasson did try to call animal control, but they told her they couldn’t do anything about the snake “because the snake is trapped.”

Hasson added that Sears wants her to pay the difference in cost to get another dishwasher delivered.

“Please- all I want is a Kenmore elite 24″ double drawer dishwasher delivered for what I have already paid for… Without a snake,” she said on Twitter.


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