Though he’s only 19, Conor Maynard has taken the world by storm. His first single “Can’t Say No” reached #2 on the UK charts and his album Contrast sat proudly at #1. With such success overseas, he’s decided to make his way to the U.S. and part of his promotional tour was hanging out with listeners of Kiss 95.1/Charlotte.

One fan won the opportunity to interview Conor privately before his performance and she asked the hard hitting questions every fan wants to know including what pickup line he likes to use.

“I’ve got some Skittles in my pants. Do you want to taste the rainbow?” Conor joked. “No. That’s just weird. I don’t really use pickup lines. For me they don’t work.”

He proves his point in the music video for “Vegas Girl” and Conor gave some behind-the-scenes details as to what really happened on set.

“You’ve obviously seen the ‘Vegas Girl’ video and it doesn’t go down too well,” he said. “The main comment of that video is I just said, ‘Can I have a picture of you?’ or ‘Can I give you a massage?'”

It seems the music video shoot didn’t go according to plan, at least in Conor’s eyes.

“Can I take a second to explain something?” Conor asked. “In that video I said, ‘I know some good massage techniques.’ In the video it seems so random. It’s like, ‘Why did he say that? That was really weird. I think he should go to jail.’ When I was recording that video I said way more. They took it out and made me look like a creep.”

Another song Conor sings, “Another One” provides a very different pickup line and is a track some fans have taken literally. In the song he sings, “Said she wanna peel my banana.”

“I get given a lot of bananas now . . . and some of them have gotten black and everything,” he jokes about his craziest fan gift.

When asked why he doesn’t use his own lyrics “Wanna peel my banana” as his pickup line Conor laughed.

“No, I know . . . I don’t really want to go to prison at age 19,” he said. “So, I’m not going to use that.”

-Jodi Phillips, Kiss 95.1/Charlotte


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