P!nk’s sixth studio album The Truth About Love will be released next week. In support of her album, she’s revealed a promo tour video, suggestively titled, “F***in’ Perfect.”  No dates of an actual tour have been announced yet, but bet on P!nk making an arena sized stop in most major cities.

In the video, fans get a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road with P!nk, the mom and live performer.

“Mommy’s gonna sing. I love you so much!” P!nk says to her daughter before taking the stage. “I’m going to go out there and sing for you!”

Meanwhile, P!nk’s daughter is shown pointing at the stage as she walks away.

“We’ve done this a couple times so far, so if we butcher it we apologize,” P!nk says kicking off her first song of the night. “I wrote it, so I’ll butcher it if I want.”

Alone onstage with her guitarist, fans get a glimpse into what it’s like inside P!nk’s busy schedule. From waves side stage from her daughter and husband to radio performances and meet and greets with fans, P!nk shows what really goes on during her tour. Her daughter even makes an appearance in the midst of her interview with 92.3 NOW/New York in the video.

The Truth About Love drops on September 18th, and includes collaborations with Lilly Allen and Eminem.

Can’t wait to hear everything off her new album?  Watch a lyric video for one of her new tracks “Try.” Complete album listing below.

Track Listing:

1. Are We All We Are

2. Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

3. Try

4. Just Give Me a Reason

5. True Love

6. How Come You’re Not Here

7. Slut Like You

8. The Truth About Love

9. Beam Me Up

10. Walk of Shame

11. Here Comes the Weekend

12. Where Did the Beat Go?

13. The Great Escape

-AJ Gordon, AMP Radio/Los Angeles


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