SANFORD, Fla. (CBS Tampa) — A pet monkey terrorized a Sanford neighborhood Sunday afternoon, biting at least two people.

According to multiple reports, the 4-year-old pigtail macaque named Zeke escaped from his cage, leading Sanford authorities and animal control officials on a chase.

“He was jumping all over the trucks and the cars and stuff. Then he got on our roof, then he went to the neighbors roof,” neighbor Sherri Futrell told Central Florida News 13. “He was eating the satellite dish, so we threw a banana and he wouldn’t take the banana. So he went to side gate of our house and he started shaking our gate like, ‘Let me in, let me in.’”

WKMG-TV reports Zeke bit at least two people while running loose in the neighborhood for hours.

“When it looked at me I ran away and tried to go up on a guy’s porch to try and have him let me in and seek shelter and the monkey ran up onto the porch with me so I kicked it because it charged at me,” resident Samuel Boyleston told Central Florida News.

The monkey’s owner, Jeff Jaques, finally caught his pet when Zeke jumped into his truck.

Jaques says he will take the monkey to an animal refuge after this latest incident.

“Just for the safety of the neighbors,” Jacques told WKMG, “he will probably have to go to a refuge.”

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