When Australian DJ turned full-fledged music artist Havana Brown visited Energy 103.7/San Diego before taking the stage that night in support of Pitbull, she looked impeccable: black and white patterned mini-skirt, matching paisley bandana a vintage grey Rolling Stones sweatshirt with minimal accessories and make-up.

Some call her a fashionista but she doesn’t agree.

“I was never into, ‘Oh this is fashionable right now so I’ve got to do this.’ I’ve always had my own way of dressing which is probably not fashionable. First and foremost I pride myself on my music and what I look like is just what I feel like,” she said.

Havana even confessed her most embarrassing fashion story.

“In Australian high-schools you have to wear a uniform everyday then every so often you have a ‘casual clothes day’ where you get to wear whatever you want. I would always rock up and people would laugh at me,” Havana recalled. “They’d look at me as if to say, ‘What is she wearing?’ Even now I look back and go, ‘What was I THINKING?!’ But at the time I thought it was cool and that’s what mattered.”

–Tim Mudd, Energy 103.7/San Diego


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