The British chanteuse has been charming Americans with her single “Lights” and Ellie Goulding is ready to show fans that “Anything Can Happen” with the video for her latest single.

Shot on a picturesque beach in Malibu, Goulding is out to show that all is not as it seems when you first enter her dream world. Big waves crash on the rocks as Goulding appears in a flowing, off-white gown and again, in quick order, wearing all black while sitting in a car with her boyfriend.

She looks otherworldly with her pink hair and dyed blonde eyebrows, while mirror balls float in the background of the rocky beach. But the first clue that something isn’t right comes when we see a black t-shirted Goulding crying.

“‘Anything Could Happen’ is about fate or whether fate exists or not,” Goulding says in a behind the scenes interview from the video set.

As the video unfolds the otherworldly Goulding, who is supposed to be a sort of mermaid creature she says, frolics and floats along the beach. Things take a dark turn with the black t-shirt Goulding’s nose begins dripping with blood.

“Because I’m weird, I liked having fake blood on me and doing weird, morbid stuff,” Goulding says. The whole idea of the video is all reverse so no you don’t really know [what’s happening.]”

So literally, anything could happen. And then something terrible does as Goulding and her video boyfriend find themselves together in an old Volkswagen Beetle as their car crashes.

“The song itself has a very anthemic feel so I wanted to do a big video with lots of crazy effects, by the ocean and I wanted to involve some sort of ‘fateful’ activity, i.e. car crash,” Goulding explained. “Basically I wanted to do something really epic.”

Goulding’s second album, Halcyon, is out October 9. “Anything Could Happen” is on Amazon now.

-Courtney E. Smith, CBS Local


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