For their song, “Mercy,” the Dave Matthews Band asked fans to help them with the making of their new video by submitting photos and drawings. Now the band is releasing their fan-made masterpiece.

In the original call, DMB was very specific in what they needed for the first video off of their upcoming album, Away From The World, due out September 11. They wanted photos of fans, but specifically of their lips, their feet, their eyes and a whole slew of other body parts. They also wanted illustrations or photos of ways to “show love” like giving a hug or a kiss.

While this might have seemed weird at the time, the new video uses all of these images, compiled from the 14,334 fans who participated, to demonstrate the lyrics of the song. When Dave Matthews sings “stand up,” photos of people standing up appear.  When he sings “lay down,” you guessed it, shots of people laying down pop-up.

While Dave sings, “Love is not a whisper or a weakness, love is strong, we’ve got to get together,” footage of people whispering into each others ears are shown. The frontman even appears throughout the video, mouthing his own words alongside his fans.

Watch the video for the sweet song below.

 –Shannon Carlin, CBS Local


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