Study: National News Media Shows Conservative Females Negatively

TAMPA (CBS Tampa) — A survey conducted earlier this month by the National Federation of Republican Women found that an overwhelming majority of respondents feel the national news media has shown conservative female candidates in a negative light.

“Do you believe the media has created a perception that conservative women candidates are inferior to male candidates?” the question posed to participants read.

According to their findings, 86.2 percent of 6,943 responding women – approximately 5,984 women total – found the media guilty.

The rest of the approximately 960 votes were split between those who did not feel the media smeared female Republican candidates, and those who were not sure.

The survey, whose results were sent out to a listserv of subscribers on Aug. 27, reportedly asked a total of 8,500 Republican females from all 50 states, as well as several United States territories, a varied series of questions meant to summarize the opinions of conservative American women on a wide variety of issues.

“Daily we hear the media and others perpetuate stereotypes about Republican women, who we are and what we believe,” the NFRW website said. “No comprehensive survey of Republican women had been taken to provide data for a substantive response. Thus, the National Federation of Republican Women’s Table Talk Survey was born, a survey created by Republican women for Republican women.”

NFRW President Rae Lynne Chornenky stated in a press release sent with the data that the overall findings of the survey – a large portion of which was economically-charged – indicate that the fiscal policies enacted by President Barack Obama have “failed our entire nation, but women have been disproportionately affected.”

“It’s clear that we need new leadership in Washington to turn our country around,” she was additionally quoted as saying.

The website noted that a formal analysis of the results has not yet been conducted.


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