OneRepublic fans who have been anxiously anticipating new music have no longer to wait. Just yesterday the guys made their single “Feel Again” available for download with part of the proceeds being donated to Save the Children.

When talking to CBS Local about their upcoming album due out later this year, guitarist Zach Filkins revealed some interesting news.

“We may have to learn new instruments for it,” Zach said. “It’s exciting to do something new and I think everyone’s going to really like it.”

So what new instruments can we expect OneRepublic to play?

“All brass,” Zach joked. “We’re all going to learn brass instruments.”

“French horn,” bassist Brent Kutzle added.

“Ryan has to learn how to play a tuba and sing at the same time,” Zach remarked before Ryan chimed in.

“I have to learn how to sing first of all. Through a tuba,” he said. “See the music video. You’ll see some interesting instruments. Instruments that actually technically don’t exist. It’s kind of like if Dr. Seuss was able to put together a five piece band. It’s pretty awesome.”

Zach confirmed Ryan’s statement adding, “That’s a good way to describe it.”

We’re not quite sure how to describe the instruments featured in their latest music video. Can you?

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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