OneRepublic just released the first single off their upcoming album. Titled “Feel Again,” proceeds from each download starting today will be donated to Save the Children.

The band revealed to CBS Local that gospel music had a huge influence on their writing process both on their current single and the rest of the tracks on the LP.

“The song itself was kind of a departure for anything we’ve ever done before on every level,” frontman Ryan Tedder said. “It’s very much an uptempo song and has a lot of gospel influence in it.”

Guitarist Zach Filkins further explained what fans can expect.

“With our next album we are obviously progressing closer to a sound that will be a little bit more of our own,” he said. “Every band, every artist has to grow themselves and evolve into a little bit of a more accurate version of who they are musically. This album, it’s been a long time coming. We’ve been working and touring on our second album Waking Up for so long.”

The band decided to use more analog synths on the record, something Tedder cites as being “one big sonic shift.”

Their third album release, OneRepublic said to expect more upbeat music.

“It’s going to be more of an uptempo feeling,” Zach added. “It’s more of who we are now. It’s going to keep us going, it’s going to keep us alive. I think our fans are really going to like it. It’s our best album that we’ve done by far just ’cause we’ve had more time to think about it, focus on it.”

The band took over a year off the road from touring to focus on their families and get inspired. This led them to a new recording approach.

“We’re using a lot more analog synths on this album. Until this album I’ve been very against synths of any kind,” Tedder admitted. “I don’t know why. For the longest time I was not into any synth sound. It reminded me of a bad chapter of the 1980s. I didn’t like the ’80s at all when I was in them. I hated the music for the most part.”

“It’s changed our whole sound completely. We’re not coming out and sounding like the Killers, but it’s definitely changed,” he said. “This weird intersection with synth and gospel and lots and lots of tempo.”

OneRepublic’s new single “Feel Again” is available for download. To purchase the track visit iTunes.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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