Though they’ve been climbing up the charts at a steady pace, things haven’t always been so fast for fun. In an interview with 98.5 KLUC/Las Vegas the guys revealed the perks of their band becoming a household name.

“When we were recording ‘We Are Young’ and we were making the album we thought that things would definitely go better,” Nate Ruess admitted. “Like there would be more to the incline. I think we’ve been fortunate too that it has been an incline for some time now.”

Thankful for their continued success, fun. said life in the fast lane takes awhile to get used to.

“At first it took some time getting adjusted to the pace but we’re really excited to have these opportunities,” Nate said. “Sometimes it’s a little daunting but we want to make the most of it. I cry a lot.”

While Nate sheds a few tears to deal with things Jack Antonoff took the exhaustion approach.

“The spectrum of what normal is changes. It’s been a great study in us on how adaptable the human brain and body is,” Jack said. “The other day I was home for 24 hours and I was saying to my mother, ‘Do I have exhaustion? Am I going to die of exhaustion?’ And she’s like, ‘Shut up. No one dies of exhaustion. That’s just when Lindsey Lohan does drugs and goes to the hospital.'”

Trying not to change their live show whether it’s 100 or 1,000 people the band tries their best to stay true to themselves and their fans.

“You see how people get weird and we’re acutely aware of that,” Jack said. “We’re here because we did what we did…don’t change now.”

Now that two of their singles are on the charts, fun. enjoy some perks, but they don’t fully embrace their rockstar status.

“We’re an interesting group because not many of us drink and none of us party,” Nate said. “So really the type of rockstar things that we look forward to . . . we’re looking forward to fancy meals, fancy hotels and first class flights. Those are the things we get super giddy about if we’re given the opportunity. Maybe it makes us really square, but that made our year.”

With all the time they’ve spent on the road over the years it makes sense.

“If you look at the progression of sleeping in the van, sleeping on people’s floors, getting hotel rooms. Then you move to a bus and then when we do get hotels it’s a whole bunch of people crammed into a room and now we get our own rooms. It’s awesome, it’s really great,” Nate said.

-Annie Reuter, CBS Local


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