Florida Republican Attacked For Supporting Driver-less Vehicle Use

TAMPA (CBS TAMPA) — A Republican Florida politician is taking flack for his support of driverless, automated car testing in a 30-second ad being shown in the St. Petersburg area.

According to AOL’s Auto Blog, the Committee to Protect Florida is criticizing Rep. Jeff Brandes for his past legislation proving automated cars did not operate by “witchcraft.” Instead of – the advertisement spot suggests – working on other more useful and practical things in the St. Petersburg area. The commercial attempts to impart fear in the program and make it sound like the machines are running amok on Florida’s streets.

“Technology is great. But driverless cars?” asks the TV spot. “Is this really a priority for our state? Well it was a priority for Jeff Brandes – who was more interested in legalizing driverless remote control cars.”

Brandes is an advocate of autonomous cars in the state, supporting House Bill 1207, which would allow for the operation of driverless vehicles on public roads, Auto Blog reports.

The attack ad features a Toyota Prius running a stop sign and nearly hitting an older woman using a walker as the narrator berates Rep. Brandes for not focusing on any important issues, such as the apparent loss of 600 jobs from the St. Petersburg area.

The ad continues by asking whether or not driverless cars will really stop for pedestrians. “You would think he would focus on jobs…let’s stop Jeff Brandes and his out of touch priorities,” the ad concludes.


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